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How to take a screenshot

How to take a screenshot

What is a screenshot ?

Really you don’t know what is a screenshot – don’t joke of course you know. Well if you really don’t know then the snap or Picture that you are viewing on your Screen of Laptop of Computer is known as Screenshot. Yes what ever, if you are browsing any website; you can take a screenshot of the site or bla bla bla … (Now you know what is screenshot :D so lets discuss on our Main topic)

How to take a screenshot

Taking a screenshot is a easy task, as we need to know how to take a screenshot because sometimes we need to provide screenshot of our documents, pictures or any digital stuffs via our computer. Even when you like to take a screenshot of your friends Facebook wall or picture to others or similar tasks this tip can be very useful for you those who don’t have any idea on how to take a screenshot. Depending on the System; Windows, Mac, Iphones etc  I tried to write the tip for how to take a screenshot in all devices or systems. Hope these tips help you out, lets get started :)

How to take a screenshot on Windows (windows xp, windows 7, windows vista etc)

Well it is very easy to take a screenshot on windows based computer and laptops. You should mind a Keyboard button [Print Scrn/SysRq] which has a vital role on capturing a screenshot on windows computer.

  1. Open website or anything that you want to take a screenshot of in your Screen
  2. Now Click on [Print Scrn/SysRq] button
  3. Now open MS Paint (Programs>Accessories>Paint) and Click Paste (Ctrl+V) OR File>Paste (in menu bar)
  4. Now you can Save the file in your computer.

There is another way of taking screenshot in Windows 7 and Vista.

  1. click on Start
  2. Type “Snipping Tool”
  3. It covers your screen and you can cut the preferred area and Save in your computer.

Hope you now know how to take a screenshot on Windows based computers.

How to take a screenshot on Mac

So you have a Apple Mac Book or computer. To grab a screenshot on your Computer you need to notice these buttons on your keyboard

Snapshot of Desktop

Click Command and Shift at a time and then press 3, Now the screenshot is captured and saved in your Desktop as png file (Picture1.png).

Hope you guys enjoy this post and learned on how to take a screenshot on computer with different operating systems. If you want to learn more about How to take a screenshot on computer, laptops as well in other devices then have a visit to How to take a screenshot.

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  1. i found a nice program ,i am using Onde Screen Capture for mac .it can grap select windows and free hands and so on .but that’s not a freeware .other’s it’s good

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