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Unicode Nepali Converter

Nepali to English

Do you want to type in Nepali or Hindi (i.e both are devanagari ) but you don’t know how to type them or you haven’t learned to type it. You may like to update your Facebook status on Nepali sentences or you may be thinking to write your friend in Nepali. Are you tensed and looking any solution that could help you for typing in Nepali with ease.

Well friends today here we are going to talk about the solution for typing Nepali to those who don’t know to type in Nepali. I would like to introduce Baraha, it is a software in which we type in english and it converts in  Kannada, Konkani, Tulu, Nepali/Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese and Oriya languages. It can be effectively used for creating documents, email and also for blogging.

Baraha software consists of 3 editors.

  • Baraha editor – In this editor you can type in english and it can be converts to Hindi or Nepali and other languages.
  • BarahaPad editor – In this editor you just type and it automatically converts to Nepali  and other languages.
  • BarahaIME editor – It enables Baraha feature to your all applications (even in Gmail).

Here are few screenshots

1. Just after installing you will see below option for choosing Language that you want (i.e Nepali or Hindi … )


2. Baraha Editor ( Type the words > You can use {use CTRL+T} or Edit>Convert from Menu) then right click to the converted word and Copy. Now you can paste any where  :)

3. BarahaPad Editor:-  On BarahaPad Change Language as directed on the screenshot below.

Baraha Pad

Click here to Download :- Baraha

To Type in Nepali Online Click Here :- Nepali Unicode


  1. Please tell me how can I use nepali font in my mobile device

  2. i want to write a nepali language share to facebook
    can u tell me please how to write language sent me botton……….

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