10 Amazing Natural Products In Order to Get Rid of Food Poisoning.

When you are away from your home, you eat unhygienic food from outside. Without knowing that, how harmful it can be for your health. They consist of chemical and certain bacteria that can affect you badly. For next time, you need to be really very careful. Don’t waste your money by going to doctor rather choose natural products in order to get better. So, here are some remedies see to it and apply it whenever you are infected by such disease.


Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding two spoon of ACV in warm water, you can easily get rid from your food poisoning. As, this remedy is very much effective and can solve your problem in no time. So try it, if you are going through the same problem.

Have Peppermint Tea

Going with peppermint tea can be a good idea. Drinking 3-4 times peppermint tea in a day, you can feel better than before. As peppermint gives your stomach an instant relief and helps you indigestion. Thus, going with such ingredient can’t go wrong.

Use Ginger

You know it very well; ginger is something that can be useful in each and every health issues. Having them while going through food poisoning can cure in digestion process. That’s the reason, it is used whether in tea or chewing it as it is.

Goodness of Lemon

In killing bacteria from your body, lemon is very effective. You can add sugar or honey in order to make it eatable. Have it at least 2-3 times a day to get quick recovery from food poisoning.

Go with Basil Leaves

To feel good, you can have basil leaves juice that can change your mood within some time. Crushing basil leaves, you can get its juice and add honey to give it a taste. With that, you can actually keep yourself away from this illness.

Apply Garlic

With its anti-bacterial element, garlic can help you in coming out of this problem. Its on you, whether you want to eat garlic cloves or its liquid solution. Both of them will heal your condition and will provide you relief as soon as possible.

Combine Fenugreek seeds and Yogurt

In order to get rid of food poisoning, why don’t you try fenugreek seeds with yogurt? This combination is very much effective and you can heal yourself very soon. Giving it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Hence, go for it.

Try Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium and provide you a sense of relief while dealing with food poisoning. If you eat it, it’s ok and if you want to make it a shake that’s also nice. All it matters is, you should have it and get better instantly.

Use Cumin

Cumin seeds are something that can deal with food poisoning in one go. You can have it by crushing them into pieces or preparing a tea adding salt and asafetida. Do whatever you like but remember have it at least 2 time a day.


Honey can go with any health issue very well. In this case also, honey help you in proper digestion and along with that it take cares of your body very well. Thus, you can have it with tea or even with milk as well.

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