10 Remarkable Festive Occasions From All Over the World

Every country has their exceptional festive occasions which must be at least once witnessed by the tourist so as to know what’s different between theirs and ours. These celebrations are the way to enjoy as well as to generate income. Tourist doesn’t hesitate to invest their money for any festive occasion so far.  Including a well- known festival for your nation can be a beneficial job for you as a whole. Here, you can see 10 most remarkable festivals all over the world. So, have a look and enjoy!

Festivals of  San Fermin, Spain


The festival is celebrated annually. You know what, it’s a long time celebration consisting different cultural events as well. This celebration is done in the respect of Saint Fermin and is the most popular feast of Spain.

The Festival of Lights Diwali at Amritsar


Thousands and thousands of people are gathered in Amritsar’s Golden Temple in order to see the beauty of this place when it is covered with colorful lights all over. Afterwards, begins the fireworks which will truly gives you an amazing feel.

Unbelievable Burning Man Festival of Nevada


Burning Man festival is a kind of get-together done once a year in Black Rock Desert. This festival is something that influence people in the way of art and experiments as well. In this festival, they discover how to express in an artistic way and have blissful life ahead.

Eye- grazing New Year Celebration in Sydney


Sydney’s New Year Celebration is commenced every year. With that, you will get to see eye-pleasing fireworks twice. At first, on 9 pm it’s a family gesture and on midnight as well. If you witness them, you can’t keep your eyes off, I’m sure.

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany


Oktoberfest is the festival widely celebrated in Germany every year. People from different places join together and enjoy it. This fiesta is mainly for 16days time period, where traditional themes are arranged from mid to end of September to first week of October.

Astonishing Fringe Festival of Edenburg


Fringe festival of Edinburgh is celebrated for 25 days. The Fringe is a platform to carry out the varieties of art including Cabaret, comedy shows, circus and many more. This festival really seems to be something you should go for.

Thrilling Full Moon Party of Thailand


When full moon comes out from the cloud and then appears the glowing moon over the beach side. In sunset, thousands of chairs are arranged and lamps are lit to have a fantastic moments altogether. After that, begins the party with dance, music and so on. You won’t have time to feel bored at all. So, when you visit Thailand someday, near this festive occasion enjoy the fullest.

Magnificent Carnival in Rio De Janiero


Brazil doesn’t miss any chance to celebrate any festival so is the carnival of Brazil. This festival is celebrated immensely and you couldn’t even think how wonderful it could be.

Superb New Year of  Chinese in Hongkong


Chinese celebrate their New Year for three days in their special way. The first day begins with Parade in the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui. On the second day, astonishing visuals of firecrackers, rockets are shown over Victoria Harbor and at the end of the festival horse races are performed.

Mud Festival celebrated in Daecheon beach, South Korea


The Mud festival is actually celebrated in summer in Boryeong. This festival is celebrated for almost two weeks but you will mostly notice them enjoying on weekends. This festival is very beneficial as the mud is very effective if it is used well as per your make up and so on.

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