12 Amazing Species That are Vanishing From Our Lives

According to the reports of Guardians, species from all over the world are vanishing approximately 1000 times which indicates that around 150-200 species are being disappeared. Nearly 15% of animals and 11% birds are recently said to be in a danger zone.

When we talk about human, their population doesn’t seem to be lessened. Every now and then, human think of themselves, be it in lands to make industries or business entrepreneur, get natural resources and constructing farms without thinking of those innocent species.

Tree kangaroo


They are among those mammals seen hanging around the trees.  They reside in humid rain forest of New Guinea, Australia and other land mass in these areas. The two major dangers for tree kangaroo are loss of habitation and looked for hunting as well. Their homes are destructed due to classifications and manufacturing of woods. Sometimes, local people also seek for them and that’s how it leads toward population crisis for these mammals.

Lovely Axolotl


The axolotl also named as Mexican walking fish are not fish at all. These amphibians came into being from various lakes, mainly in Mexico City. In the year 2010, wild axolotl are almost vanished because of the urbanization in Mexico and water pollution. In the end of 2013, it was found out that the wild species are not living at all.

Pug-nosed monkey


This cute monkey is rarely found in hilly jungles of Central and Southeast China. As, these monkeys are very choosy about their food, their territory falls at risk very often.

Large Crocodiles


The worldwide inhabitants of these crocodiles seem to be less than 235 species. They are vulnerable by the thrashing of riverine surroundings, weakening of fishing sources and by applying fishing net as well.

Hooded seals


They are mainly originated in the central and western parts of North Atlantic. From the turn of the century, the species has been hunted in a great deal. Earlier in 1940’s, they were chased in order to get leather and oil damps and so on.



This weird creature lives in the caves of Central and Southeastern Europe. Its qualities are quite amazing as it loves to be in dark but has a great ability to smell and hear as well. It needs a particular environment otherwise it can be at risk. In the days fore, they are in problem because of water pollution.

Whiskered Vulture


These unusual birds are the native of Mount Everest, Himalayas and other hilly areas of Europe and Asia. People feel really very scared when they see them, as they think that these vultures would take their children and domestic animals as well.

Saiga Antelope


Saiga Antelope is one of the exceptional creatures in the whole world. If you wish to have a look of such an amazing species, you can go to Russia. This is the only place where you can get to see Saiga Antelope. Because of its horns, they are mostly killed. Their horns are used for making Chinese medicines after all. This is why China has loss all the species and which also effected its population.

Big-nosed monkey


This bizarre looking monkey is on the whole found in the island of Borneo. By the way, it’s a Dutch monkey which has large tummy and nose. Their inhabitant has been come out as half in last 40 years time, due to endangerment of species.

Mesmerizing Spider


This extraordinary spider has been found in Gooty, India. This spider resides in forests in Andhra Pradesh in central southern part of India. Looking at the way it is, you will surely get attracted towards this spider. Because of excess logging and collecting of woods their life is at stake.



This species seems equally imaginary but let me tell you it really exists. Species of these tribes are situated in the regions of north-eastern Afghanistan, Azad Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir and southern parts of Uzbekistan. There are several speculations when talked about the numbers of Markhor. But globally it is approximated that there are not more than 2500 individuals as a whole.



Do you know, Quokkas are said to be one of the sociable mammals in the world. Even though, they seem usual ones but are at danger due to its limited range. They are mostly vulnerable because of cats, foxes dogs and so on.

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