12 Risky Bedtime Routine That are Spoiling Your Sleep

If you sleep late at night, you will have to face many problems the next day. As this problem has some valid reasons so you need to think about it. Form surfing internet before going to bed to oversleeping on holidays is the causes which can spoil your sleep.

Irregular in going to bed


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You can wake up early only when you go to bed on time. If you don’t do that, you will miss to get up on exact time. Try to maintain a routine, so that you can do your think when it should be done.

Skip drinking water before sleeping


Try to avoid drinking water before going to bed. As, this habit can affect your sleep. Like, you have to go to bathroom in the middle of the night and that’s how your sleep will remain incomplete. If you want to drink water before you sleep, you can keep 1-2 hour gap.

Late night chatting


Because of your laptop screen, you can be in trouble.  As, this encourage your brain with its glow and attract you towards it. At night time, don’t use electronic items in order to get a good sleep.

Reading books in bed


Don’t make habit of reading books before sleeping, it’s really dangerous. You know what, once you add it in your list you can’t leave it. You can apply this at evening but at night don’t.

Having eye-catching clocks while sleeping


Always remember, glowing clock is not good in terms of eyes. In the night, make sure your room is dark if you need a better sleep. Put a clock that is plain and don’t create any affect on your eyes.

Going for uncomfortable mattress


A bad mattress can truly keep you awake. The whole night, you will turn here and there. If you want to sleep comfortably, get a soft mattress that won’t disturb your sleep for sure.

Pack Stomach before bed


Don’t eat your meal before you go to bed. Try to have it in time duration of 2 hours. So, that your body gets time to digest your food properly. If you don’t do so, you can’t sleep properly.

Doing exercise at night time


Exercising before bed is not a good idea. You have to do all these things 2-3 hours back. If you still want to do, you can do. But let me clear you, you won’t be able to sleep as you desire for.

Having cold feet


If you have a icy feet, you will long to have sleep. Try to wear socks or wrap it under your blanket in order to make it warm. With that, you can sleep in no time.

Not following routine before going to sleep


If you don’t follow your daily routine before going to bed, it means you are not ready to sleep. It may be brushing your teeth or washing your face. Don’t forget to apply these habits before you sleep.

Drinking Coffee


Avoid coffee in the nighttime as it keeps you awake for more than 3 hours. You can drink it at evening but at night it’s completely no. Thus, it’s good for your sleep.

Sleeping postures


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When you wake up, have you ever notice your position of your sleeping. Sometimes you will find yourself sleeping on your stomach, neck and like that. Sleeping in one side is perfect position of sleeping. If you sleep on your stomach or back, you will snore the whole night.

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