17 Exceptional Foods That Help You in Growing Your Height

Everybody desires to have a good height as it adds a flavor in your look. Looking great is a different thing but, it also compliments each and every outfit you wear. In some cases, it can be heredity or due to lack of vitamin or something, your height doesn’t increase. When you have crossed 18, the growth of height stops increasing and your height remains as it is. But, if you want to increase your height there are still some ways that can help you to growth you little inches taller. Here, you can see different solution that can lead you in your desirable destination.




Try to have Dairy Products

In order to increase your height, you need nutrition of calcium. It helps you to strengthen your bones and muscles as well.  If you really want to grow yourself a bit taller, you can have cheese, butter, paneer and yogurt. With the nutrition of calcium, they contain different forms of vitamins as well.

Add Eggs in your Diet

Eggs are very rich in proteins which are very necessary for the growth. Not only this, they contain vitamin D, calcium as well. Having 3-6 eggs per day can surely heighten your height. So, give it a try.

Include Chicken

After 18, it’s really tough to increase height. But if you add chicken on your meal once a day, there are chances of growing height. Don’t skip chicken for a single day. If you do that, your dream of increasing height can get broken.

Go with Soy Bean

To improve each and every health problems, soy beans can help you in that. As, this ingredient is not only composed of calcium but good source of proteins, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates. If you have it on a daily basis, there is maximum possibility in order to grow your height.

Eat Bananas

People may avoid having bananas because they think it lifts your weight. But, you are wrong as bananas are used for growing height as well. At the same time, it makes the bones strong and boosts your muscles. Using banana to increase height doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. Go for it.

Go for Oatmeal

If you are a vegetarian, it can be a perfect choice for you. As, this product is rich in proteins and heals all your damaged bones as well. It also contains amino acid, which is very necessary in term of growing height. Having it once a day can help you out in this problem.

Goodness of Nuts and Seeds

You might think, nuts and seeds are delicious snacks and nothing else. But, you are absolutely mistaken as it can help you in increasing your height. Peanuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds are good source of mineral and they cure your damage tissues and strengthen new tissues as well.

Fresh Green Vegetables

Green vegetable are something that can solve each and every health problems. Talking about your height, it contain nutritious element that can easily grow the hormones in your body and which leads you in the way of heightening yourself.

Have Fish

You don’t have to bear food that has no taste instead you can opt for some delicious one in order to grow your height. Fishes are composed with varieties of  nutrition that helps you in the process of growing your height. It mainly makes your bones stronger and that becomes the solution in increasing your height.

Drink Milk

To enhance your height, you might be finding different solution right? If so then, why don;t you go for milk? As, this products has great amount of calcium which strengthen your bones and increase your height as well. You need to have at least three glasses of milk per day.

Try Beef

Beef is rich in protein and good at growing height instantly. Going for beef can be a good idea for you. So, you should at least eat beef once your height once in day in order to increase your height.

Go for Tofu

Having tofu would be a nice way in order to grow your height. As, this ingredient is good source of calcium and consists of low calorie as well. It helps you losing weight and increase in height, isn’t it great?

Have Ashwagandha

This is among the best ingredient that enables you to increase your height. You can easily find it in any herbal store. To get best result, you have to mix it with co milk. For a better taste, you can add a pinch of sugar then, have it for continuous 45 days.

Juicy Fruits

Juicy fruits contains excess amount of vitamin, protein and calcium as well. You should have them in order to increase your height and remain healthy. If you are healthy, your body will easily grow. If you are not then, it won’t help you at all.

Try Beans

Beans help your bones to be strong and flow blood on to your whole body. It consists of mineral which works as a mechanism for the growth in your height. So, have beans and increase your height.

Fresh Carrots

Carrots are composed of Vitamin C and A which keeps your bones strong and healthy. Along with that, it heals your eye problems and makes your skin brighter.

Healthy Grains


Grains are the main ingredient that grows your height quickly. As they are good source fiber, iron, vitamin B, magnesium and selenium. The whole-grain products and whole wheat are something you should opt for.

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