19 Strange Yet Beautiful Places You Rarely Know

You can explore the whole world numerous times but can’t get to such fantastic places which are breathtaking. Some sites are very famous that people go there again and again and some presents a different feel with no self esteem at all. So, try to visit such unknown places and make them popular than they are. Here are 19 destinations that will bring new thrill in you.

Beautiful Santa Maria dell’Isola, Italy 


This monastery offers you with some out of this world sight adding the beach on its surrounding. What an amazing destination isn’t it guys?

Mesmerizing view of Huacachina, Peru


The beautiful Oasis city was constructed along the desert of south-western side of Peru. For tourist, this place has been center of attraction so far. Traveling through the places, you can have pleasure of sand boarding or enjoy rides as a whole. So, when are you planning to visit this place?

Superb Hospitality of Hotel Moulin De Roc, France


When you see this hotel for the first time, you will fall in love for sure. The hotel appears as a Wonderland situated in the territory of Dordogne. Along with that, you can enjoy your food in open-air as you can see at the picture. When you think of having a small party, without any doubt you can do it. Isn’t it great?

Astonishing Caves of Chile


These divine swirling views can be seen when you are at the cape of hard rock marble. The blues are truly an indication of the freezing water. You know what, to reach in a cave you need a boat. Without a boat, you can’t even think of going to that place.

Unbelievable feel of Las Pozas, Mexico


 Whenever you decide to go to Mexico, don’t forget to visit Las Pozas. As, this place is surrounded by swimming pool, zigzag staircases, enormous monuments, and natural world as well. I’m sure, traveling to this lace you won’t be disappointed.

Stunning sights Tinago Falls, Philippines 


You know what, after crossing 500 steps in you will be in front of spectacular waterfall sited in the town called IIigan. At the base and placed at the back of the waterfall lies a cave, where you can enjoy to the maximum.

Extraordinary Psychedelic Salt Mine, Russia 

PIC BY MIKHAIL MISHAINIK / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED The psychadelic walls inside the abandoned salt mine in Yekaterinburg, Russia) These psychedelic photographs give a rare glimpse inside the walls of an abandoned salt mine. After years of mining deep into the Earths crust, layers of a carnallite now line the tunnels with a spectacular mix of coloured rock. Used in the process of plant fertilisation, the mineral can appear in a variety of colours including white, red, yellow and blue. Although a small part of the mine is still in use, miles of tunnels now lay abandoned & are only accessible with a special government permit. SEE CATERS COPY **NOT FOR SALE / USE IN RUSSIA / POLAND**

This incredible display is actually part of a vacant salt mine situated in Yekaterinburg. It is placed 650 feet under the ground with funky designs and colors make up the hard rock bounded by a numerous undisclosed routes.

Incredible visions of Marieta Islands, Mexico 


Without any permission, you are not allowed to travel around this astonishing scene of Mexico, even though the places are something you can’t miss. Talking from the amazing dolphins, humpback whales, manta rays, and sea turtles or anything else, you will be totally amazed by all this.

Soothing Beauty of Pingvallavatn Lake, Iceland


Looking at the visuals, don’t you feel to travel to this place? The view of this lake is so phenomenal. Do you know, this lake is edge where two Eurasian and North America plates get assembled. This lake is mostly famous for snorkeling and underwater diving.

Remarkable beauty of Lake Natron, Tanzania 


This location looks like a mat, in fact as this lake has a high desertion time paired with elevated alkalinity, which forms a hard surface over the top. It is combination of red and pink as the salt nourished ones adore this stunning place as their house.

Vibrant view of Kek Lok Si, Malaysia 

Vibrant view of Kek Lok Si, Malaysia

In this unbelievable place, Chinese New Year celebration is celebrated annually. One more thing, you won’t find such a major Buddhist Temple all the way through Southeast Asia.

Cool Environment of Montreal Botanical Garden, Canada


What’s the first thing, you think while going for a trip? Is it natural world and the something fresh? Then, you can simply plan for this place. As, in this place you will get to see greenery all around you.

Unbelievable stories of Hang Son Doong, Vietnam


The most surprising thing about this place, it has been created 2-5 million old before. With that, it’s also well-known as the largest cave in the whole world, can you believe this?

Something Unique about Quinta de Regaleira


This territory is placed in the city of Sintra. The land is so huge that it has a palace along with two lakes, a chapel, and residents for their servants as well. This stairs in the picture, takes you to a well. The well is not considered as a common well. But to a certain extent used for Tarot starting finances.

Astonishing service of Ischia Island, Italy 


Hey girls and boys, if you love to travel and have spa, it’s a perfect location for you. As, in this destination, you will get spa treatment that you can’t even think of. The volcanic island situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, they provide you a bundle services such as thermal spas, volcanic mud, and hot springs and so on.

Lively setting of Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Bali 


The lake, Lake Bratan is scattered in numerous water temples. In the image, you can see vibrant look of the temple where different rituals are performed in the respect of Balinese water idols.

Salty Pink Lake in Australia


Pink lake is among the saline lakes to be found in Western Australia. The glowing gloominess of pink appears from the algae that are cultivated in the water.

Tanah Lot, Bali 


This overwhelming place is where you can discover various Hindu Temples. Because of the wave in the deep ocean, the rock covering the temple has been re-made within a year period.

 Artistic magic of Fes, Morocco


This place Fes is popular for their artistic value. In this given picture, you can sense it very well. This place is one of oldest leather tannery for dying and to bloom the leather as well.

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