20 Easy Solutions To Deal With Headache

To get a headache is normal things nowadays. But, don’t you dare to go for same treatment for every headache as there are various kinds of headache. Every single thing you do matters in your health. Whether you slept on right time or not, eat nutritious food and put yourself busy in your work can affect your health. Headache can sometimes come to you as a ache or can create disaster. At the same time, many people don’t understand why it is happening. The main reason of this can be lack of drinking water. For this, you will find different medicine but one thing is clear that these medicines can lead you to another big trouble. So, instead of going for medicines from doctor why don’t you use something natural? As they have no side-effects nor can harm you.



Drinking Excess of Water

If you don’t drink correct amount of water, you may go through headache. Water is the solutions of every problem you go through. So, if you start drinking large amount of water, you may get out of this problem faster. If you don’t care then, bear the pain if you can. While going through this problem, avoid having cold drinks as they are not good for you.

Add Nuts to Your Diet

Instead of eating several medicine, why don’t you replace it with almonds? As, this cures your headache problem instantly. Whenever you feel you are having a headache, quickly go for it. As it contains salicin which is good for your body. So, use it and see the difference.

Go Peaceful

While you are suffering from headache, you use different techniques to get a break from this problem. Some of you go for meditation, which is an excellent method to calm yourself down. Doing meditation, you won’t remain in stress instead will be in peace. So try this therapy, if you really want to keep yourself away from this unwanted trouble.

Give Yourself a Massage

If you want to reduce the pain of your headache, you can have a massage. As, this will keep you feel better and heightens your blood circulation level. To get a fast relief, you can massage your forehead, scalp and neck as well. Giving them a quick and light massage, you will feel free and can come out of  your headache easily.

Search for Feverfew Plant

Headache when  turns out to be migraine, you need to be really careful. As its really very dangerous. If you can then, you can find feverfew plant. As, this plant decrease your pain and keep you in good state. Its same thing like having a aspirin but without any detriment. Thus, you can give it a try.

Apply Ice Cubes

Putting ice cubes on your forehead will give you an instant relief. As, this solution will keep you calm and composed. You can also use this ice cube wrapping it with a cloth and placing it in your forehead till you are satisfied. Giving yourself a ice massage on forehead can lessen your stress and will show you result in no time.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Its been years and years that we are listening about ACV as an natural remedy. It has got so many features that we can’t stop talking about. Among them, one is dealing with headache problems. You can give it a try by using steam method. Having one fourth cup of ACV with 3 cups of boiling water and a cup of cool water adding them in one, your solution is ready.

Goodness of Hot Water Bag

Going for something that can provide you heat on the back of your neck can help you during your headache period. Applying the heat, your  stressed muscles gets calm and you will get sense of relief after that. If you don’t want to use hot water bag, you can opt for hot shower as well.

Do  Exercise

Whenever you feel, you are fine or your pain has gone, that time you need to do exercise. Don’t even think of doing this, when you are having headache. As, this can create trouble for your health. Going for yoga, you will be calm enough to focus on thing in front of you. If you do it on a regular basis, you will soon get rid of headache.

Use Lemon

Lemon can heal almost every pain you have in your body.While drinking water. you just need to add few drops of lemon in order to cure your headache. As, this remedy is really very reliable and can be applied in no time. Hence, try this remedy it really works.

Try Fish Oil

Drinking fish oil on a regular basis can lessen your headache or migraine. All you need to do is, put 1 spoon of fish oil in a glass of orange juice, with that you will feel great. Having it per day, you will see vital change in yourself.

Go For Betal Leaves

By having betal leaves, within few minutes you will be free from head pain. You just have to crush the betal leaves and make paste out of it. After that, apply the paste on your forehead in order to feel better.

Say No to MSG

The time you have a headache, try to be away from Monosodium glutamate. As, this is used to add taste in your food. Whenever you feel like you are not well, don’t eat food containing MSG has it targets your neuron and you will be in pain. Before eating anything, you have to check the ingredients it has. Otherwise, you may find yourself in danger.

Use Ginger

Ginger is very good at healing health issues. It is good not only for your throat but for your headache problems too. Not only this, it also purifies your blood vessel and lessens swelling in your brain. So, you need to have ginger tea at least thrice a day as this can give you relief in few time.

Fresh Apples

After you get up in the morning, have an apple adding some salt to it. Applying this, you need to have a warm water. Eating it regularly, you will get relief from each and every health issues.

Go for Peppermint Oil

If you are going through headache or even migraine, you can apply peppermint oil for sure. As, this oil calms you down and makes you feel easy at the same time. While using it, if you feel like its not suiting you then you can dilute it with water. Its really magical so, give it a try.

Apply Cinnamon

It’s a natural ingredients that’s really very powerful. Crushing cinnamon sticks into powder and adding water, you can make a thick paste out of it. Placing it on your forehead for some hours, you will see instant results and will feel better.

Use Butterbur

Butterbur is a plant that can be used as a form of medicine. This plant mainly grows your blood circulation level and don’t allows migraine to come across you. So, id you have not tried this yet, try it.

Less Consumption of Chocolates

Do you know, sugary products can lead you towards danger. As, this products are not good for you in time of headache or migraine.  It’s totally wrong to eat chocolates during this sickness.

Get a Pencil

Through a pencil, you can get relief from headache, you know how? If you don’t know, let me tell you putting pencil between your teeth without chewing it, you can lessen your stress. With that, it will slow down your headache too. Its a nice idea, why don’t you go for it?

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