20 Home Remedies That Can Eliminate The Fleas From Your Body

Fleas seem to be very harmful when it suck your blood and makes your skin go impatient.  Not only this, it transfers injurious diseases in your skin and leads you towards a big trouble. Although, they look tiny but the harm they create is something you can’t bear. You can get varieties of chemical product in order to get rid of fleas but they will affect your skin badly. Without using such chemicals, you can get out of this problem by applying natural products. These natural products not only keep you away from fleas instead will be good for your skin as well.


Here are some home remedies, using them on a daily basis you will surely get rid of fleas. So, have a look and apply them in your infected areas.

Apply Rosemary

To get a instant relief, you can go for rosemary  . You can pluck some rosemary from your garden or buy them from store. Boil them for 30 minutes and heat it until it becomes lukewarm. Pick some rosemary from your garden or a nearby grocery store. Boil water and add fresh rosemary in it. According to your need, you can add water and leave it until it gets dry.

Use Oatmeal

Applying oatmeal  on the infected areas, you will get rid of fleas in no time.Without cooking the oatmeal, marinate it in water. After that, apply the paste on the infected areas and  wash it off using lukewarm water.

Go for Tea Tree Oil

Add small amount of  tea tree oil along with water and place this combo in a spray bottle. With that, you can use it on yourself, your room and other areas as well.

Try Head and Shoulder Shampoo

Frequently use of this shampoo may remove your fleas and protect your hair from them. As, this shampoo consists of those product that can cure all your fleas problem. After washing your hair, don’t forget to use comb in order to pull out those dead fleas from your hair.

Goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar

For a better result, you can try apple cider vinegar as it is really very effective in attacking fleas. Using ounce of apple cider vinegar in your drinking water, you will get results soon. So, if you going through this problem, you too can apply this in your daily  routine.

Get a Flea Comb

Instead of using your usual comb, why don’t you use flea comb. As, this comb is so effective and good in order to get the fleas out of your hair. Unless, you feel like the fleas are gone till the time you should this comb. Otherwise, you will have to bear it for more days.

Apply Flea Collar

You may be thinking, what flea collar actually is? This is a combination of certain oils and helps you in removing flea from your body. Using lavender oil with water and eye dropper , you can find a solution of your flea problem. But, you have to use it regularly to get good results.

Go for Lemon Slices

You need to boil water and add some lemon slices on it.  After that cover it until it gets cool. You can leave it for whole night and next morning you can use the mixture on the infected areas. With that, you will feel better for sure.

Apply Spray

Add a cup of apple cider vinegar in one quarter of water. After that, dilute some amount of cedar oil into it. Then, place the solution in a spray bottle and mix it well. Now, you can spread the solution wherever you see the fleas.

Magic of Oranges

Just cutting the orange into half, you can then use the half on the infected areas. Applying it on those areas, fleas can’t sustain and they have to leave the place. Thus, using it as a medicine you will see it’s unknown magic.

Make a Flea Bag

Combining  lemon with small amount of cedar chips and 2 spoons of dried lavender, you will get a perfect solution. Then, you can mix it and set it on a fabric that has at least a pocket. When you are done, you can wrap it on your body where it won’t disturb you.

Use Lavender

Getting some lavender and combine it with boiled water. Leaving it for whole night, you can put the solution in a spray bottle. While you comb your hair, you can spread the solution on it and kill the fleas. Doing it regularly, you will see instant results.

Prepare a Flea Bath

Adding half cup of lemon juice with same amount of shampoo and two cups of water, you will get a perfect solution. Combining these products in one, you can leave it for 5 minutes. After that, get ready  to kill all the flea you are having.

Have some Yeast

Flea can’t bear yeast. That’s why, you can get some yeast from nearby stores. After that, you can spray the yeast on your hair in order to get rid of fleas. Give it a try.

Apply Liquid Dish Washer

Apply dish washer can reduce the fleas. As, this solution helps you to kill the fleas after you sprinkle it on your hair or other infected areas. So, use this solution and notice the change.

Use Banana Peels

It may sound it little weird but banana peels are really effective in order to get rid of fleas. Applying the banana peels on the floors , you will soon get to see the good results. As, the days will go ahead you will be free from fleas.

Try Grapefruit Peels

Collect the grapefruit peels and dip them into the water. You can then use a towel in order to soak the solution in it. Use the solution where fleas has injected you. This solution will show fast recovery.

Go for Neem Oil

Make a solution using your detergent, warm water and organic neem oil.  Place the solution in a spray bottle as its an easy way to spread it wherever it is needed. As, this solution is powerful and can easily control fleas.

Usefulness of Salt

Salt can in no time makes your fleas go away. As, this product easily dry out your body that’s why it plays a great role in removing the fleas. Its not an expensive one as compared to other ingredients.

Boric Acid

To lessen the fleas from your body, boric acid is really very effective. Being a dehydrating agent, it kills fleas in no time. In those areas you are infected, you can spray boric acid over there. You will get relief.

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