20 Natural Remedies That Can Heal Your Cold

Have you ever realized that, change in weather brings change in your health? As this is among one of the common problem whether you live in eastern or western region. Along with that, it is a transmitted from one person to another. During this illness, you will have to deal with running of nose, sores in throat as well as tonsil problem as well. This illness affects your health badly and all you do is going for medical treatment. Having those medicines for numerous days, sometimes you cure yourself and sometimes no reaction at all. Instead of going with medical treatment, why don’t you choose natural treatment that can heal your cold instantly? Here, you will get varieties of natural products that will help you in dealing with cold.




Drink Ginger Tea

While you are suffering from cold, ginger tea can help you in getting better. As, this remedy is very widely used and is really effective at the same time. You can have it at least twice a day in order to get rid of it. If you are going through cold, try this remedy. You won’t be disappointed.

Take Steam

Taking steam is really necessary in order to clear out your breathe. Doing this, your nose will be clean and along with that you will feel better than before. Adding it in your daily routine can keep you away from cold.

Go with Basil Tea

Using basil leaves as a cold remedy, you can easily get out from it. Having it 2-3 times a day, your cold will be reduced and the anti-biotic present in it will solve each and every health issues. So, try it at least once.

Take Hot Water Bath

When you find that you are having cold, simply go for warm water bath. As, this remedy can heal your problem from its root. Going through this, your body becomes cold and it needs something warm. So, take warm bath and with that you will be absolutely fine.

Apply Onion Syrup

Onion is something that can cure your cold with its anti-bacterial element. You can prepare onion syrup by chopping it into piece and adding honey in it. Leave the mixture for whole night and next day, you can have a cup of syrup to get instant relief.

Take Care of your Hygiene

Before you go for medicines or anything like that, at first you need to have proper hygiene. When you cough, try to put hands on your mouth and think before you eat something. If you do so, you won’t get infected with any disease, I guarantee you.

Need Proper Rest

When you are fight against cold, your body needs proper rest. As, this illness requires need warm environment to deal with this remedy. If you take care of yourself in a better way, you will be surely out of danger.

Go with Garlic

Garlic slowly shows its reaction whether in cough or in sore throat. But, this ingredient is very much helpful in order to deal with such illness. You just need fresh cloves of garlic and grind into liquid substance. After some time, you will get the results.

Have Raw Honey

If you use honey as a remedy for cold, its perfect. As, this remedy is really effective while going through cold. With just 1 spoon per day, you will see the difference in your condition. So what are you waiting for, go and have it now.

Magic of Turmeric

Do you know the elements of turmeric keeps you away from infection caused due to weather and the polluted environment? Drinking a glass of milk adding turmeric, you will be totally ok within some days. But, you should be regular in order to get rid of cold.

Add Drinks to your Diet

Drink full of nutrition and warm while drinking can make you feel good. As, these drinks keep you hydrated and provides you energy. So, try to have plenty of water in order to remove the cold from your body.

Go with Gargling of Water

When you go through cold, your throat is also affected at the same time. Then, why don’t you gargle with water? If you do so, you will get relief and your cold will be reduced as well.

Fresh Citrus Fruits

If your body is lacking nutrients of vitamin c, you may suffer from cold easily. You need to have citrus fruits in order to get rid of this illness. Without vitamin C, your health won’t be in track. So, you have to intake vitamin C, with that you will be out of this illness.

Have Chicken Soup

While dealing with cold, chicken soup can be a good option for healing your cough. With its warmth, your breathe will get some nice feel and with that you can improve your condition as well. At the same time, the ingredients enable your body to combat cold and keep you alright.

Try Radish

You might wonder how come radish can heal your cold. But let me tell you, radish is full of vitamin and mineral. It protects you from the cold and cures almost all health problems. So, eating 2-3 slices of radish per day can help you to get rid of this illness.

Go with Mullein

Using mullein along with water, honey and lemon, you can prepare a paste. Mixing it well, you can have it twice a day. If you will do so, you will get quick recovery for sure. Thus, try it once and see the change in yourself.

Combination of Coconut oil and Peppermint

Adding half cup of coconut oil with some drops of peppermint oil can heal your illness. As, both ingredients are said to be magical. When these are used for any health problem, you won’t regret at all. Therefore, apply this on your chest or nose as you wish.

Mustard Plaster

Combining mustard seeds and water, you will get a thick paste. The warmth of this paste will help you in dealing with your cold and help you in getting out of this. Having it, your blood circulation will improve and will reduce the cold from your body as well.

Zinc Gluconate

If you notice the signs of cold, you can opt for zinc gluconate. As, this remedy can make you feel better if it used within some hours. But, don’t use it continuously for weeks as it can weaken your body. With that, you will surely feel better.

Golden seal

When you are dealing with cold, you can have golden seal. As, this products strengthens your immunity power and kills the germ inside your body. Take it for 5 continuous days, don’t skip. If you do that, you won’t be able to get out of this illness.

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