Best Horror Movies You Should Definately Watch

Who does not like the good old thrill of a scary movie that will most probably snatch away your sleep and make you afraid of the dark or perhaps make you even cry like a little child? If you are tired of those funny movies and find action movies not so thrilling then Horror is the perfect go to option to get that adrenaline rush in your system and get your heart pumping like crazy.

From the plots rooted in past lives, the undead, the supernatural, the diabolical and what not? In this list we give to you the 10 horror movies that you will definitely feel sorry for if you have missed them.


After the release of the first installment of the series in 1988 Child’s play has been able to produce 6 sequels and even comic books. A seventh installment, titled Cult of Chucky was released on October 3, 2017. The films of this series are all centered on a haunted “good guy doll” which holds the soul of a notorious serial killer known as the “Lakeshore Strangler” Charles Lee Ray played by Brad Dourif. The soul trapping happened due to a voodoo ritual to avoid the afterlife and possibly going to hell. The series originally started out as straight horror with the first installment but with the progression of the series it bent towards the genre of psychological horror until the series briefly became a horror comedy with gothic elements. Child’s play has established itself as a go to name when it comes to being a scary doll that can scare the shit out of people. Let me assure you that watching Child’s play is not a child’s play.


Even if you have not seen this movie, we are pretty sure you must have seen the video of a girl in white crawling out of a TV. This Iconic moment of the horror movie “Ringu” was reenacted by most pranksters too. The movie is adapted from a novel “Ring” inspired by a Japanese folk tale. The movie revolves around a reporter who is on a mission to investigate the enigma that wraps a cursed videotape which kills the viewer 7 days after people watch it. “Ringu” and its sequel “Rasen” were released in Japan at the same time. It was a box office hit in Japan and also Inspired a 2002 American remake of the film “The Ring” starring Naomi Watts.

3. FRIDAY THE 13th

The mask, that is all one needs to recognize this famous horror franchise that revolves around the fictional character Jason Voorhees who appears to have drowned in an accident on camp crystal lake due to the negligence of staff members but guess who is back in that “cursed” lake to wreak havoc of mass murders decades later. The movie Friday The 13th is that American horror franchise which has spawned 12 slasher movies, a TV show, novels comic books and even video games. Richard Brooker, C. J. Graham and Kane Hodder have taken the mantle of Jason in the series. This movie with its blood and gore theme is definitely not for those with faint heart.


The exorcist is a tale of an exorcism is based loosely on actual events. When young Regan acted by Linda Blair starts acting abnormally and does impossible task such as levitating, speaking in tongues her worried mother tries seeking medical help for her beloved daughter but to no avail. A local priest played by Jason Miller, however is suspicious the girl may be seized by the devil who is controlling her actions. The priest makes a request to perform an exorcism, and the church sends in an expert played by actor Max von Sydow to help with the difficult job. What follows next is a bizarre sequence of events such as cursing, head twisting, puking, spider walking etc. that ensures you will not have a good night’s sleep.


The 5 movies in the series all have different stories but what all of them have in common is unexpected twists and turns literally. The movies are depicted as the sequence of the videos recorded by the characters in movie to find out what paranormal activity is causing them trouble until it is too late to back out. The movie is good at suggesting the scary stuff rather than actually showing explicit gore and violence and hence leaves leaving much to the viewer’s imagination, while at the same time it is psychologically terrifying than any regular blood-fest. It gives you chills and you will think twice if you wake up at the night and want to use the restroom.


In a Japanese house, a vengeful spirit goes after one person after another, each suffering a horrible death. The curse is created where the person dies and Those who encounter this evil supernatural force die and the curse is reborn repeatedly, passed from one victim to another victim in an infinite, ever-growing chain of horror to seek revenge and attempt to end the grudge for the cost of life. It also has a sequel and a crossover movie with the movie “Ringu”. The signature element of this movie would be a little boy with devilish intentions and unusually innocent look.


A married couple Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne), their sons Dalton and Foster and infant daughter Cali have recently moved into a new home. One night, Dalton is drawn to the attic The next day, Dalton falls into an inexplicable coma. Insidious is a movie that revolves around the ghost that haunts the house and only latter do they find out that it is not the house haunted it is their son. Followed by the voices in the radio, rocking chair, the gift that was inherited and dices that reveal “mother of death”. Insidious is a no miss for those who love horror and the mystery that comes with it.


This is a story about Perrons and their five daughters have moved into an isolated farmhouse, where aa unknown presence has made itself known. Though the supernatural appearances are relatively nonthreatening at first, events soon escalate to deep horror, especially after the Warrens discover the house’s dire history that a woman accused to be a witch had once sacrificed here weeks old child to devil and killed herself in that same house. What follows next is their attempt to save themselves and their family from the forces of unknown whose manifestations keep haunting your mind even when the movie is over.


Same day that their parents die, two sisters Lilly and Victoria disappear in the woods, provoking a desperate search by their Uncle Lucas played by the actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and his girlfriend, Annabel played by Jessica Chastain. Five years later, miraculously, the girls are found to be still alive in a rotting cabin, Lucas and Annabel welcome them into their home. But as Annabel tries to take the children back to normal life and provide them her maternal love, she finds that someone or something is stopping that from happening and that is not going to let the motherly love that it has developed to die off without a fight.


This name has left a benchmark in the horror genre with its blood, gore and “diabolical evil released on earth” theme. To be blunt, Evil Dead movies are not for everyone. A strong gut is required. If you can’t handle blood, gore and decapitations, this is not your movie. The blood spilled in these movies are said to be quite enough to fill a small swimming pool. Director Sam Raimi who also directed 2002 film Spiderman goes over the top for this and still manages to make it somewhat hilarious and It’s almost impossible to take all this blood and violence seriously. So if you do not fall under the category of being sick by the violence depicted be prepared to be amused and experience horror like never before.

Article By Nikhil Thapa

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