Brave Browser – Fastest Browser Than Firefox and Chrome

Have you ever tried any other internet browser beside Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera ? It’s been almost few years Brave Browser came in to the market which is now known as the fastest browser on the planet. Developers claim brave is fixing the internet, creators love it because it rewards the creator. When this fast secure and crypto friendly web browser hit the market, people knew it was going to give chrome a tough competition. Brave claims it is going to fix the internet by providing users with safer, faster and better browser experience all while boosting content creator with a new eco system of attention-based rewards.

Download Brave Browser Today – Feel The Speed

Brave is a free open source web browsing software based on the Chromium web browser developed by Brave Software Inc. You can enjoy exploring the internet using brave on multiple platforms which include Windows, macOS, Linux android and iOS. By default, it includes five search engines including their partner DuckDuckGO which is renowned for its privacy protecting policies. A venture that began with CEO Brendan Eich on 2015 is now a de-facto choice for many content creators, Crypto earners and for general public who value their privacy in internet and desire safer, faster and better browsing experience. Brave has reached out to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the US Senate calling for a US equivalent of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Brave also disables Google Accounts and prevents sync, plus it has removed any Chrome specific telemetry and reporting codes. So, you can be safe from Google.

Brave is simply attempting to provide a browser that innately blocks trackers and malicious ads while simultaneously overhauling current broken digital advertising model. Switching the sides from Google profiting off of our data, now you can earn using Brave.


When it comes to security, brave has inbuilt ad blocking feature and thus does not require any third-party extensions for the purpose of browsing security. Brave users have choice of what data they want delete at the end of browsing session. There are numerous ways to customize brave browsing experience to be secure such as blocking fingerprinting attempts and scripts from loading. While the inbuilt features may be enough for some users, others would still like to install extensions that are really useful for day-to-day activities. But brave does not take chance of installing malicious extensions and thus shuts off all of them. We can try to compare the security with google chrome but let’s be honest here, Google Chrome is pretty good at browser security with automatic updates of Chrome to the latest version plus it also scans for malicious downloads. Google even challenges hackers to detect vulnerabilities in Chrome so that the browser can be further secured. Brave Browser is soon catching up to google Chrome no doubt.


Privacy is another feature brave browser is proud about. The default configuration of browser is such that it blocks malware, mal-advertisements and phishing. To ensure privacy, brave has a unique feature of stopping other sites from tracking you as you surf the web. You can also secure unencrypted sites with HTTPS to further fortify your privacy requirements. Even though your current activity may be monitored by the websites you visit. administrator of network and your internet service provider (ISP), Brave has an option for private window where browsing history, data, form, cookies and site data will be purged once the window is closed.

Can you earn using brave?

Well, this is really new feature provided by any web browser. Using Brave browser you will be paid for watching ads ( if you enabled this ) in BAT Crypto currencies. That means brave will reward you for browsing and supporting content creators. Even though most people neglect it, your virtual attention is very valuable and you can actually earn by viewing ads. In case of brave it consists of privacy respecting ads. While the browsers you used earlier earned from you, brave is giving you an opportunity to earn from browser

Free from google?

If you want to be free from google then ungoogled chromium might be an option. Brave actually includes the patches from ungoogled-chromium. So, even though it has the google junk removed. The problem with ungoggled-chromium is that it lacks behind chromium’s updates. It also has no auto-updater. Brave doesn’t suffer from this so it can be considered the best of both worlds. It’s got auto-updates to keeps up with security patches.

Are auto updates a problem?

Some people may be concerned with the auto updating browsers. The reason why some people are against auto-updates is because the auto-updater will send occasional pings to a server that checks whether a new version is available, then it downloads and installs the update in the background. If the occasional pings sound horrible to you, auto-updates for brave might not be your cup of tea. It’s enabled, by default. But it checks for updates automatically and downloads it only on a Wi-Fi or unmetered network connection. If you are on a metered connection (your cell phone network for example), you’ll have to manually check for updates.


We consider Brave to be the most private and open-source friendly browser available right now. It is Completely open-source, that means you can get it for free and even tweak it. It works well on multiple platforms and comes with a Tor built in. It Provides substitute funding for independent creators and makes your browsing experience a lot better by discouraging websites from loading external scripts and blocking ads. Then there is concept of BAT. Bat stands for Basic Attention Token. which can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers and users and all of it happens on Ethereum blockchain.

Download Brave Browser Today – Feel The Speed

So if you want to experience the Fasting browsing with your Browser, Brave Browse is your choice.

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