Can you believe that, a technology can lead you toward health issue

This health problem may be is in the air or passed on sexually, but a few members associated with the health department are referring ‘text neck’ a universal outbreak. Don’t you feel like, you can be the next victim of this unusual problem.

Text neck problem is a definitely 21st century state, passing to the spinal curves that slowly increase in people who use too much time on their cell phones. These days that’s seems really very common. Despite of passing on to the problem as a plague could be a thrilling, as it’s not mistaken.


A well-known physician Dr. Dean Fishman has came out as one of the most important specialist on text neck. Without his struggle it could be difficult to lift up consciousness on the threat of this situation. The cell phone associated neck sprain can still be taken as a first and the biggest world trouble. But lots of gratitude to Dr. Fishman’s relentless media glances and shameless endorsement of both himself and The Text Neck association that he started, people at last have genuine explanation to freak-out about something they’d never even imagined about in their earlier times.

The specialist, Dr. Fishman’s tried his best to reach people in order to keep them away from the effects of the cell phone. His Website records every time the guy’s been on TV support when he’ll be on TV next, and, give confidence to people in order to fight against the text neck problem by downloading a ‘locator app’ … to their cell phone. Here, don’t you find something satirical?

Nevertheless, it’s not about questioning the reality or possible cruelty of text neck. As, it is accepted by most of the doctors as an actual state and several medicinal research verify its consequences on the body may be more severe than unattractive stance.

The Mayo Clinic printed a statement uttering that everyday forward neck craning could show the way to different aspects of muscles straining. In one of the study, it has been initiated that people who constantly assume the damaging of texting posture yet danger dragging their whole spinal column out of placement.

However, the frightening problem of text neck, as revealed by the specialists at the University of Southern California, is its change on people’s lungs. In fact, long-term texting effects in failure of crucial ability of the lungs by as much as 30%.  This conciseness of breath can go ahead to heart and blood vascular disease as well.

According to a study made by Tech research, mostly the teenagers and the people age around 30-45 seems to have their cell phone more than 20 hours per day. When you will continue in doing this, text back is on the way to come towards you.

Is it an infection worthy of its own 5k aid or what? Surely not, but observing the people nowadays having cell phones more than bathroom globally.  It’s not only the reason that we should be more alert of text neck and more careful of how we place ourselves at the time we message someone.

Besides, these there is always a hope that expertise will get something that will heal all the problems like text neck, which we didn’t even, know while we started using our smartphones.

It may even have a result on the way of human development. In the case of age group, perhaps next neck won’t be a problem as people will get birth having a pre-existing spinal curve. Possibly messaging and video games will direct them to the development of extended, muscular thumbs in human being of the future. But till then, health issues made by technology are meant to be accepted.

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