Be Careful While Using Your Smartphones

We all are so addicted to our smartphones that we can waste hours and hours over it. It can be either messaging someone or commenting on social networking site, isn’t it? You seems so engaged that you don’t even notice whether you are going on a right track or not. You are so involved that, you sometimes hurt yourself badly.

With grabbing our interest, it also set unstable conditions. As we possess certain postures while using our phone. These postures can injure your spines as a whole. Be careful!

Every time, we are busy using our phones looking downwards, which can insert 700-1400 hours of anxiety over your backbones. For adolescent, it’s more dangerous. All this heightens the dangers for your spines as it is said by spinal specialist Dr. Kenneth Hansraj in his latest research.

In his study, he asserted, “The pressure observed by the spines increases when you bend your head forward and backward in different levels. Losing the natural curve of the cervical spines can add your tensions about cervical spines. These tension can make you fall apart and perhaps can lead you towards surgical treatment as well.”



You don’t have to stop using your phones in order to be in safe side. But, be responsive while you are using them.

It’s kind of impossible to stay away from these gadgets as they are important part of us now. You just need to do some hard work when you look over your phones with your neutral spines and to escape them for hours bending your back.

Dr. Hansraj also advised that, you shouldn’t carry phones by your wrist instead hold them few inches above. If you can correct your position and stand firm, you will see that your spines are tension free. If you follow these tips, you won’t be in a problem in your future.

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