Chocolates Can Be Useful than Codeine in Term of Reducing Cough

Can you imagine, chocolate can be beneficial while you are suffering from cough. Don’t get surprised, it’s true. A research has proven that dark chocolates can do wonders better than that cough-syrup, usually does. If you don’t believe me, you can check this out article and know more.

Professor Alyn Morice, who is head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies, mentions about the latest research in this matter where he examined and evaluated the outcome of medicines consisting cocoa then usually used medicine named Codeine.

Effects of Codeine cough syrup:

Talking about the consequences of the syrup, the study reveals that going for cocoa-mixed medicine are more reliable than that of Codeine, isn’t it great?

One more study from Imperial College, London clarifies that cocoa consists of alkaloid that is more helpful than Codeine when you talk about holding back the urge while you get cough.

Having chocolate in a great amount seems to be sticky as compared to other drugs, you come across. Along with this, it’s something great that covers your entire throat and takes good care of your nerves last ends as they give you the feeling of cough.

Not just as gastronomic pleasure:


Experts need more proofs to believe in all this. They are not fascinated by these simple studies but expects for more and fruitful research. So, more results should be carried forward in order to justify the study in an improved version. Nevertheless, you can’t feel delighted when you will catch cough next time.

What’s your thinking about this matter? Do you consider chocolates can be as good as medicines are? Or, feels like it’s just an illusion people are creating? It’s really very difficult to know whether the things stated above are right or wrong, can you distinguish between the real truth and imaginary one.


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