Cute Little Puppy Trapped In a Drainer!!

People walking down the street were requested to take good care of cute puppy. Meanwhile, serving others with the wheel barrow, they didn’t even realized what they had missed in doing that.


While they were engaged in helping others, have a look at the visuals what has happened to that cute little puppy.

After doing all that, when they looked back and thought of that cute little puppy, he was not there. Instead, he was drowned into a drainer and was trapped. All he was crying, what else he can do.

The one with wheel barrow suggested the people to cut down the strap placing the cute little puppy where he was. At the end, as the owner of the puppy was back, she was not overwhelmed to know that her little puppy struck under the drainer.

Have a look at this video and know more. It’s really difficult to understand was it a prank or reality. Watching this video, all you can do is laugh, laugh and laugh, nothing else.

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