A Cyclist Mother Tumbled Her Baby to the Ground

A lady riding a cycle with her baby asked few people about the direction showing the map in the way to the park. When she was done with her queries, she then sighted at the loose-fitted screw that has dropped on to the floor and asked one of the victims to place it correctly.

Bike-Rider-Drops-Baby-From-Baby-Seat-To-The-Ground. (1)

Afterwards, when she was going through, the baby seat loosens and the baby falls to the ground. The mother of the baby, without realizing the fact that her baby has tumbled continues cycling on and on. The little baby has fallen in a cemented ground but mother has no idea at all. When the people noticed all the happening, they ran behind the cycle calling the mother. As soon as, she stop her cycle and picked her baby the people understood that they were fooled. The baby was not real.They then, can’t end their laugh.

To put in a nutshell, pranks are sometimes cool when they are done taking safety measures. So, have a look at this video and feel the same as the victims did. Anyway have a blast and share it with your friend. As happiness increases with sharing, isn’t it?

Do watch this video and apply these trick on other, if you can….


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