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If you are planning to transfer your Blog from Google’s Blogger.com to your wordpress based website this post can be useful to you. Today ere we are discussing simple steps that are involved in exporting Blogger’s Blog to WordPress. Its just the simple trick for importing Blog posts to WordPress blog. Here is a Video Tutorial for helping you as well as stepsl are written below so that you may not get any problems on exporting your Blog.

Step by Step Procedure

  • Login to your WordPress Blog’s  Dashboard
  • Click On “Import” from the  Tools Menu at the left side
  • From Import Page  Click on Blogger
  • It may ask you to Install the Plugin Blog Importer Install it and Activate.
  • After you Click in Blogger It will take you to Click to Authorise
  • It will take you to Next Page Click on Grant Access
  • It will take you to Google Account’s Page: Click on Grant Access Button
  • Now you are redirected to WordPress Blog where you can see the Blogspot Blogs URL’s.
  • Click on Import Button on the Blogspot Blog which you want to import to your WordPress Blog.
  • That’s it : Your all Blogspot  Blog posts are Imported to WordPress Blog.

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