Facebook Chat Emoticons

Facebook in today's context is one of the basic for most of the people all over the world. Being a social networking website Today Facebook is the mostly opened website then Google in some countries. We all use Facebook, I , you and your friends. Facebook chat made us easy to communicate with our friends. After Yahoo chat you mat be willing to use emotions also in Facebook chat. There is not proper box or menu  for Facebook Emotion in Facebook chat, so you may wish to use some emotions to make your chat sweet. Here you can find some of the emotions that you can use in Facebook Chat. Just by copy and paste the codes from below according to the emotions and enjoy your Facebook Chat with Facebook emotions.

Facebook Emotions :-  Copy in Red

(wink)      ;-)         ;)

(upset)   >-:O         >:O         >-:o         >:o

(unsure)      :-/         :/         :-\         :\

(tongue)     :-P         :P         :-p         :p         =P

(sun glasses)    8-|         8|         B-|         B|

(squint)      -_-

(smile)    :-)         :)         :]         =)

(shark)     (^^^)

(robot)   :|]

(putnam)      :putnam:

(penguin)      <(“)

(pacman)      :v

(kiss)     :-*         :*

(kiki)     ^_^

(heart)      <3

(grumpy)     >:-(         >:(

(gasp)     :-O         :O         :-o         :o

(grin)     :-D         :D         =D

(glasses)      8-)         8)         B-)         B)

(frown/sad)     :-(         :(         :[         =(

(devil)      3:-)         3:)

(curly lips)     <(“)

(cry)     :'(

(confused)    o.O         O.o

(angel)      O:-)         O:)

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