Facebook is Closing Down

“The worlds most power full social networking website FACEBOOK is shutting down.” This message went viral all over the Internet, a lot of FACEBOOK users started finding out the reason why FACEBOOK is closing. A lot of search on Google, Yahoo, Bing and lot other search engines by FACEBOOK users this week.

Some website spread this false news across the Internet that made a lot of people sad. A lot of questions raised why FACEBOOK is shutting Down ? According the False news, ” Facebook is about to close their website after 15th March, as Mark is stressed because of Facebook and bla bla bla …… “. This is just a short text snipped from the Viral News.

We all know there are people with different nature, its always true that we hear surprising news on the Highlighted Topic around the world. Who ever is famous we start getting the True/False news about it. Any way Its a good news that FACEBOOK are not leaving their users in the mid. They are Live and will be live for their Loving Users. You can check out the status updated by FACEBOOK in their Facebook Profile OR in Twitter Profile as below.

What do you think about the value of FACEBOOK, as its one of the TOP website browsing daily all around the Internet. It’s worth $50 Billion + now so the young webmaster, 24 years Mark Zuckerberg is one of the Billionaire from his website FACEBOOK. Checkout the video on How much Facebook is worth ?

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