Farhan and Feminism : A social campaign MARD

Farhan Akhtars Mard

Farhan Akhtar’s social campaign MARD launched during the IPL ceremony is getting amazing responses from the men around.The campaign speaks about protecting women against rape and other forms of discrimination. It was Shah Rukh Khan’s idea to launch it during IPL considering the major fan following comprises of guys. The logo of Farhan’s MARD is a moustache for M and stands for “Men Against Rape and Discrimination”. The moustache was distributed to Sunil Gavaskar and Jadeja in the studio where it was launched and to the players and the audience alike at the KKR vs. Punjab’s eleven match. The wonderful poetry about MARD that has got people talking was penned down by his father and the famous bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar. Two days since the campaign’s been launched and one can witness the depth at which it has influenced the men to like the page on twitter and facebook going to the extent of even changing their display pictures. Farhan Akhtar has asked the school examination boards to include the poem in their syllabus so as to inculcate the values within the male child from an early age to respect women and treat them as their equals.Considering the rates at which crimes against women is increasing this initiative seem very much of a need of the day and with a personality and popularity as that of Farhan Akhtar’s we believe the fire is not going to be extinguished any soon. We take a look at other initiatives started by our feminist knights which makes us believe that the world will definitely see a dawn after a long,cold and dark night:

The first to top the list will be Dhruv Arora,a guy from Delhi who started a page on facebook named “Got stared at”. An amazing start to tackle the evils in the society. It was initiated much before Delhi was outraged at the “Nirbhaya” case.The posts on the page are anything but bold.It makes you feel that a woman’s clothes or her social outing has nothing to do with the molestation she faces. It asks the women to speak up and the posts makes one feel confident and justified.

Another initiative was taken by the company “Gillette” that is responsible for manufacturing razors for men.They came up with an ad that demanded of soldiers.However this time the country needed soldiers not for the battle at the borders but for the safety of their women.The commercial was awe-inspiring.It asked men to stand up and protect the most important citizen of the nation: their women. Kudos to the advertisement, it suited the brand’s tagline perfectly: “the best a man can get! “

More to the list are the men Chetan Bhagat, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. At a time when the country was smarting from the wounds that the demons inside the males inflicted upon the women,our politicians were on a verbal diarrhea giving speeches that made no sense to any “human” mind.At this juncture words from Chetan Bhagat, an author, a proud house-husband who talks about women empowerment and always believes that women can do better than men was reason enough to believe that “men” still exists. Aamir Khan,another feminist man did enough to show the nation in his show “Satyamev Jayate” the effects of female foetocides, domestic violence and dowry and how it plagued the society leading to its decay.Also
showing along with it the methods to rectify them.

Kudos to such MARDs!

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