Fugly Review and Box Office Collections


Fugly is a Bollywood comedy type drama movie which is directed by ‘Kabir Sadanand’ .This movie is produced by “Ashvini Yardi & Alka Bhatia” under the crazy goat production banner movie. Fugly is the cinema of social awakening. It tackles issues such as gay prostitution, khaki-clad fascism and the excess of television journalism, perhaps cramming in too many social issues in order to make the subject relevant and resonant. And yet nowhere does the director seem to bite into more than he can chew. The feature role play on this movie by “Jimmy Shergil,as the lead characters including Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani, Vijendra Singh, Arif Lamba”. Mohit Marwah, in the guise of the angry young man, shows occasional flashes of promise. But saddled with a role that literally yokes him to a hospital bed, there isn’t much he can do to rise above the mess. Kiara Advani does a fair job of looking pretty. She also gets some of the better lines to spout.

This movie is written by “Rahul Handa”, the music on this movie is given by singer/ rapper “Yo Yo Honey Singh”, “Santokh Singh & Sameer Tondon”.This movie will come out with a strong message. The music is very nice in this movie because yo yo honey Singh give music on this film.

This movie is all about the life of the four young friends Dev (Mohit Marwah), Gaurav (Vijendra Singh) India’s Boxing Champion star, Devi (Kiara Advani) & Aditya (Artif Lamba).Garuav’s father is a big-time politician, Devi is the odd one out of the group and Aditya with sensible one. Two of the actors Mohit Marwah and Kiara Advani are star material. Their on screen relationship remains undefined, unpunctuated by the mandatory item song.one time While Devi went for the shopping she is harassed and upset by the shopkeeper, the group member come to know that and they kidnaps the shopkeeper and drive far away. Since Gaurav’s father is a big politician they can’t be stopped by any ordinary police officer. But somehow the strong, unique policeman Chautala caught the group and killed the shopkeeper.so that he demand the big amount of money from the four group member. He blackmail them if they didn’t give him the money he will arrest them in case of murdering the shopkeeper and other crimes. The film also delivers an inevitable item number in which the dancer, needless to say, is only a sex object. As the villain in uniform, Jimmy Sheirgill is neither menacing nor convincing. The fault isn’t entirely his – the role is just too badly written. This movie try to show us that how they try to overcome the blackmail of Chautala, how they try to raise the big amount of money, this is what the Fugly want to show us.

During shooting Kiara froze in Ladakh for the song Banjarey. The weather was unpredictable and the water was sub-zero degrees.

 Cast members

Jimmy Shergill as Inspector R.S. Chautala
Mohit Marwah as Dev
Kiara Advani as Devi
Vijender Singh as Gaurav
Arfi Lamba as Aditya
Anshuman Jha – Cheeni (special appearance)

Box Office Collection

Fugly a Grazing Goat Pictures venture, has managed to make Rs 9.34 crore net as per trade analysts’ data, after making only Rs 7.35 crore in box office collections in the opening weekend.

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