21 Natural Solution That Can Solve Your Gastric Problems

You might feel uncomfortable while you are in a party and going through gastric problem. You will find different causes that can lead you to this problem. With this health problem, you may have to deal with many other health diseases too. You may feel irritating but can’t easily escape from these problems. Normally, this health issue occurs when you drink too much alcohol or eat without chewing it properly and so on. If you ever go through this same problem then, you should take care of what to eat and how you have them. Doing this, you will be safe. Here, you can get various  natural remedies that can help you in getting out of this problem for sure.





Go for Turmeric Leaves

To get out this gastric problem, you can add crushed turmeric leaves in your milk. Drinking a glass of turmeric milk, you will feel better and will soon get relief. So, have a try.

Try Guava Leaves

You can boil guava leaves in a bowl. After that, escaping the leaves you can drink the water. With that, you will see certain change in your body. Try to have it at least once a day.

Have Potato Juice

To get best result, you can opt for potato juice. Crushing some potatoes and having a cup of juice can make your condition better. You need to have it three time a day, got it.

Chew Ginger

For best result, why don’t you go with ginger? As, this remedy can heal your gastric problem in no time. Chewing it can help you but if you find it tough then you can have ginger tea as well. As both of them are very powerful and can solve your problem. 

Go with Baking Soda

Combining one fourth spoon of baking soda in water can cure your gastric problem. As, this remedy is very efficient in doing its work. If you want, you can add lemon on it to give it a different taste. Mixing baking soda till it dissolves and then, you can drink it. You will see difference in your health.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Mixing 2 spoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water can provide you instant relief. Don’t forget, it should be cooled in a room temperature. Otherwise, it won’t help you. All in all, having this drink will give your stomach a soothing effect.

Apply Cinnamon

You can boil cinnamon in order to drink its liquid as a medicine. Drinking it, you will get instant result and your stomach will get a soothing effect at the same time. If you want, you can go for cinnamon powder and combining it with honey and a glass of milk. Having it, you will see its quick reaction for sure.

Try Hing

Adding hing into a glass of water and drink it. If you are too much in pain, have it at least 2-3 times a day. Doing this, you will surely feel better and observe the difference in your condition as well. Thus, you can easily get in your kitchen and use it. What are you waiting for?

Go with Caraway Seeds

Using it on a continuous basis can help you indigestion. For that, you can prepare a caraway seed tea by having boiling water and one spoon of caraway seeds. For some time, you can leave them but don’t forget to cover it. Now, straining the seeds just have the water and feel the change.

Have Garlic

Do you know, garlic can heal your gastric problem? As, this ingredient helps you to combat digestion. If you are going through the same problem then you can definitely go for garlic soup. But, the garlic cloves should be fresh enough to make soup. With that, you will feel better.

Apply Fennel

While suffering from gastric, why don’t you go with fennel? As, this remedy not only provides you quick recovery but keep you away from future gastric too. Boiling fennel seeds for total 5 minutes and strain the water. After that, you can have it in order to get relief from the pain.

Use Peppermint

You know it very well that, peppermint can solve your stomach problems instantly. With peppermint leaves and a cup of boiled water, you can prepare peppermint tea. After that, you can leave it for sometime. You can then, strain the leaves and to add a flavor you can mix honey. Don’t forget to have this drink 2-3 times a day.

Go for Cardamom

If you don’t know how to use cardamom then, you can include some amount of roasted cardamom in your rice or even your vegetables as well. You can repeat this, at least two times a day to get speedy recovery. Use it and make yourself healthier.

Have onions

To get rid of gastric, you need to avoid all those food that produce gas. Besides that, you can go for onion juice which can help you to go through this problem. Hence, go and try this remedy.

Go for Brandy

Before you go to bed, drink 2 spoon of brandy combined with warm water. Having this, you will be free from gastric problems, i guarantee you. Apply this remedy till you feel, you are alright.

Try Dill Oil

It’s something that can solve your gastric problem quickly. Keep one thing in mind, pregnant ladies shouldn’t have it. Having it along with honey can cure your gastric problems and help you to feel better after some time.

Use Celery

Chewing celery leaves within some time, you can keep yourself away from gastric problem. You can put it in your pocket in order to eat it when you realize. 

Charcoal Tablets

You can use charcoal tablet for avoiding gas problems. Using this tablet before and after meal can help you in getting rid of gastric. Be careful, as children aged below 12 aren’t allowed to have these tablets. So, act wisely.

Have Black Pepper

Having black pepper while you are dealing with gastric can provide you sense of relief. As, this ingredient can help you out and release all your stomach related problems. Combining powdered pepper along with jaggery, you can heal all your stomach illness.

Go with Coconut water

Coconut water is rich in proteins. Applying it on a daily basis, your body will be healthier. Having it a glass per day, you won’t face any gastric problems. So, apply this remedy for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Dandelion Tea 

With dandelion leaves, you can make tea. With that you can cure all your health problem instantly. People use this in order to add flavor in a dish. But, here you can apply it as a medicine.

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