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A lot of people do blogging, most of them use Google’s and WordPress’s also and As we get the long domain name from them like : . or similar but with a long tail of,,, If you want to get your free Blog then you can try them. But today we are here for getting free Domain Name. We all know that .com, .net, .org, .co etc. are not free and we need to buy them. Some hosting company provide these  domain names ; only if you buy their hosting for your website. Lets checkout the Free Domain name Provider.

Get free – Get Here

Get free – Get Here

Services you get in these free Domain – They works as Real Domain (.com … .. )

Registration Fee = FREE
Sub domains = Allowed
Control Panel = Allowed
Google Applications = Allowed
Windows Live Custom Domain = Allowed
Google Adsense for Domain = Allowed
Amazon Associates = Allowed
Blogger Custom Domain = Allowed

So why don’t you start your own free blog with free domain names, they really works as .com domains. If you like to join you can join with the Links above and give your blog a new Name.

Happy Blogging !

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