What happened when these poor men were caught with a hot girl?

When you think once, you will feel like what’s going on. But soon, you will get to know, the poor guys are basically trapped in a prank.

The guys come to the market in order to get some cool shirt in the market. When the guys walk in the changing room, everything goes well. But when he comes back things gets complicated. As, these ladies sees the sign of lipstick on their neck side.


After that, situation becomes worst and the hot girl coming out from that trial room adds more spice to the prank. Not only this, the girl goes way with giving the guys a ‘call me’ signal. With that, ladies go uncontrollable and burst out over their men.

Neither the men’s nor the women for at least once thought it can be a prank. They just ran after what they saw. It’s not necessary, what you look is true. Sometimes you need to think before you go for something.

Don’t you want to know, what had happened after they knew that it was just a prank and nothing else, then have a look at this video and know the whole story.

Watching this video, I’m sure you won’t stop laughing. So, give chance to other as well and on share this video and add joy to your life and others as well.

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