How To Merge Categories in WordPress

Merge Categories
When i started this blog i made a lot of categories [20+], but with the flow of time Today i wanted to decrease the number of categories. All categories have at lease some posts and i thought to merge those similar posts into same Category i.e [Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to a single category Social Medias] but how could i do ? I should go to each post and update each of them with New Category which is really a time wasting for blogs with lot of posts in each category in case of Merging to new Category. But finally i figure out a simple Trick that helped me to fix the process of merging multiple categories into one category (new or old) easily.

So lets get started with the process of merging categories in WordPress without wasting your TIME :-

First open these pagesĀ  in two TABS after entering your Admin area:

  • Category Page []
  • Writing Setting Page []

If your want to create a new category and merge existing categories or you want to merge existing no. of categories into a single category you can follow this process which is far better then editing and updating each post category.

If you want to merge existing categories into new category then create a new category lets say [CAT-123]
Now i want to merge 15 posts of CAT-1, 25 posts of CAT-2 and 23 posts of CAT-3 into CAT-123.

I want to merge them

Go to Writing Settings Page, then Select CAT-123 as Default CategorySetting - Writing

Now go to Category Page and delete the Categories which you want to merge into New Category [or Main Category], in our case delete CAT-1, CAT-2 and CAT-3. Doing this will take all the posts of these Categories to our Main Category CAT-123. That’s it so easy and fast now if you have more categories to merge you can do with the same way; first make the main category as default from Writing Setting Page then delete the categories.

I think you enjoy this post and the trick that i used to merge categories on a WordPress blog. Don’t forget to post your view if this was helpful to you…

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