How to Unblock People on Facebook

Unblock people on Facebook
Hey, Today i was searching one of my friend and DMMMMM !!!! I couldn’t find her from my Facebook 🙁 . It means she blocked me from her list – Yes of course because if she only Unfriend me then i would be able to checkout her profile but she Blocked me that’s why i am unable to see her profile.
I have also blocked some of the people who has irritated me, when someone tries to SPAM me of course i block them so they will not be able to see me or find me using Facebook.
But the main thing is, if later I want to unblock people on Facebook whom i had blocked so what would i do ? I know some of you know how to do this but still a lot of people doesn’t know how to unblock people on facebook, so i don’t want to write much and show you the simple procedure of Unblocking people on Facebook, lets get started –

Step 1.

Privacy Setting

Click on Privacy Setting from Menu

Step 2.

Manage BlockGo down of the page and click on Manage Blocking from – Blocked People and Apps.

Step 3.


Now here you will find the people you have blocked in Block Users – You can also Block people from here or click on Unblock to Unblock for unblocking people.

Hope it was simple and easy for you to sort out the problem of – How to Unblock people on Facebook, share your experience below !

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