Instead of Wearing the Engagement Ring, She Ate It!!

A guy plans to propose her gorgeous girlfriend one day. For that, he choose to put an elegant diamond ring in a cute heart shaped chocolate box . He also requested the people standing there to shoot the beautiful moment of their life. As these moments can’t get rewind, isn’t it?


But, what a bad luck looking at those chocolates, his girlfriend started having them. Along with the chocolates, she had eaten the diamond ring too. The guy was standing still, nothing was in his hand. All he can do is wait what happens….

Afterwards, his girlfriend feels that she had eaten something hard. That’s what is making her feel like this. The people who were shooting the whole scene were shocked and don’t know what to do. They came to her running and told her she ate the ring thinking of chocolate.

The innocent people didn’t even know it was just a prank. The prank full of drama and everything was so perfect that nobody could catch them. Good one!

Hey you, have a look at this video and know whats the story behind the scene. Enjoy hard and don’t forget to share it with your friends as well.


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