Little Magnetic Boy

Ivan Stoiljkovic

We all know about Magnet ‘something that have the power to attract metal objects i.e. Iron’.� But have you ever heard of a boy who have magnetic power and can pull up to 50 kg of metals to his body. Yes this is true and the guy is Ivan Stoiljkovic from Croatia who is just 6 years old and when he takes off his shirt he can attract magnetic objects like spoons, remote, forks, frying pans etc. on his body. His family says that he can carry up to 25kg of metal stuck to his torso easily.Ivan Stoiljkovic

This is not the end. His family also says, Ivan has also used his ‘healing hands’ to alleviate his grandfather�s stomach pains also he took away the pain of a neighbour who hurt his leg in a tractor accident. Ivan�s grandfather said when his grandson laid his hands on his stomach they became extremely hot and the pain went away. Ivan grandfather also claimed, Ivan is much stronger than children his age and is able to carry bags of cement as heavy as 50kg. This is really amazing and this news have been broadcasted in some television as well as published in daily newspaper Metro (UK).

Watch the real video taken with Ivan and see his magnetic power.

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