Have You Ever Noticed such White Spots on your Nails?

Having beautiful is the sign of healthy you. Within a month, your nail grows just about half inches. The size, pattern and he color of your nail describes how good-looking your nails are. Having a healthy nails means you should have nails pinkish in color as per your good supply of blood and shouldn’t be any spots out there. When you feel like your nails contain such spots then, it might be because you are lacking the food consisting calcium and zinc. Take some time before going for a doctor, as you will get some of the answers here.


You will get to see those spots on your finger nails and toenails as well. They are mostly visible at the middle part of the nails. The circumstances which lead to these spots are named as puncate leukonychia. Looking at the name, you might find this spots dangerous but mind you they’re not.

These spots seem somehow like marks that are mainly seen over your skin. Marks are generally seen when you have some kind of injury.

Likewise, when your nails get hit then these sports are appeared. These spots don’t appear soon after you get hurt in your nails. They take time maybe some days or even weeks.

What are the reasons behind having such spots? There are various causes one of them can be stress. For an instance, when you are angry, you hit your hands towards wall. In that time, do you realize your nails can be affected? But by the time, you will see those white spots on your nails and will feel sorry for yourself. So, try to think before you do for something like this.


Can you find other causes of your marks? Besides having injuries, one more reason can be infection or allergies caused due to nail products like nail polish, remover and so on. If you are having any medicine on a daily basis, that can also affect your nails. Be careful while using artificial nails as they can make your nails damaged.

When you notice these spots for the first time, don’t get panic. Always remember, having spots on one or two fingers doesn’t matter but if you see them on each and every finger that’s something critical. After observing that, you should talk to your doctor for sure. As, this symptoms can be related to diabetes, cardiac issues or kidney problems.

Lack of calcium is one of the common assumptions which come to everybody’s mind while talking about nails. Having great of mayonnaise can also damage your nails. One more thing, if you don’t drink enough water, you are making way for white spots on your nails.


If you find these spots on your nails, don’t do anything and remain as they are for 8 more weeks. If you don’t want to show them then, you can hide them with nail colors.

To get rid of such spots, you should stop using nail polish remover that consist great deal of toluene or formaldehyde. Keep one thing in mind, artificial nails can appear your nails nice but at the end of the day they will damage your nails. Try to add those food in your diet that carries zinc.

Don’t forget, drinking plenty of water is the solution of every problem. Make sure your food is healthy enough to eat and can provide you energy. With that, you will always be blessed with happy nails and heath as well.

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