Oversmart or Dumb – McDonald hides about it’s employee’s coronavirus positive report

A staff member at a McDonald’s in western Sydney has actually tested positive for coronavirus but just 20 of the 100 staff at the dining establishment were informed. Employees have actually been left “upset and confused” and have turned down shifts out of fear.

One staff member at the Gregory Hills restaurant, who asked to remain anonymous, stated they believed there was no option however to shut the shop down as personnel were “scared” to show up for work.

But NSW Health provided the all-clear for the shop to stay open as hygiene standards were being met and all 20 close contacts of the contaminated individual were quarantined, McDonald’s informed.

A worker stated it was a “dreadful” sensation to only find out via conversations with other personnel while at work.

” I left the shift shaking, I was so scared,” they said.

” There’s a lot of workers who are really, really angry at [McDonald’s] for not telling us.”

The staff member stated a lot of personnel members had actually called in sick for their upcoming shifts as they were too afraid to go in.

James Rickards, director of business relations for McDonald’s, stated NSW Health made all choices about who needed to self-isolate and whether the shop was safe to continue operating.

“The NSW Department of Health has verified the frequency and requirement of the restaurant’s sanitisation treatments and use of top-quality cleaning items satisfy their requirements and has actually authorised the dining establishment to continue to trade,” Mr Rickards stated.

He said the affected individual was working with the same people for the last fortnight which left little doubt as to which other team member might have had direct contact.

Nevertheless the staff member who talked to the ABC contested this, claiming personnel alternate shifts each week.

They stated they did not understand how some people who had actually been within one to 2 metres of the individual who tested positive were permitted to come to work.

They stated a fellow staff member who utilized the very same headset as the impacted individual [prior to them becoming ill] had actually not been informed to stay at home.

The employee likewise stated it was “impossible” to remain at a safe distance from employees and mangers were flouting the 1.5 metre ruling.

Mr Rickards said NSW Police had actually gone to the Gregory Hills store today and were pleased with control steps in place.

McDonald’s likewise stated there was no recommendation the team member who checked positive was exposed to coronavirus in the restaurant and the 24-hour store was sanitising all the time and night.

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