With the Size of Your Finger, You Can Know About Yourself in a Better Way…

Have you ever thought you can know about yourself with the size of your fingers? Here, you will get to see three different kinds of hands marked A, B and C. In each one, you will find the ring, index and middle finger are not having same size. Raise your left side hand and see what’s your finger length says about you.


A. Attractive yet Sensible

If your index finger seems shorter than your ring finger, then you are truly a fascinating person. They are the one who can accompany themselves, no matter where they are. But sometimes they can become violent and are good problem solver. They have a tendency to do something that everyone can feel proud about.

B. Self-assured and try to do what they want

Having longer finger indicates that you are assured about what you are doing. They adore privacy while they do something and try to do their work at any cost. But it doesn’t mean they are nervous. They are very clear about their aim and don’t want any interruption in between. They in fact, value what they are gifted with and still desires for more.

C. Silent and friendly

People with ‘C’ category are mostly peaceful ones. They don’t wish to get into unnecessary troubles and remain as they are. If you have same length of index and ring finger then you are a systematic person for sure. Talking about having a rapport, you are very trustworthy, loving and genuine partner. But don’t forget, sometimes they can be aggressive while they are dominated or anything like this. Always try to be in their top list, if you want to be in a safe side.

So, do you believe in all this? If you do, then check out the fact it tells you about yourself and know more about you. Enjoy!

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