The Bermuda Triangle – Mystery and Facts

What is the Bermuda Triagle ?

Have you ever about Bermuda Triangle? The story of the disapprence of aircraft’s in the sea with no foot prints during 90’s. The Bermuda Triangle which is also known as Devil’s Triangle is the area in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean (forming triangle joining the points at Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda) where a number of aircraft and ships disappeared without leaving any footprints. Christopher Columbus was the first person to feel about the bermuda triangle who was safely back to his destination. The Bermuda Triangle has been popularly known for supposedly paranormal disappearances of boats and aircraft. The issue of Bermuda Triangle began with the article in the magazine Argosy that described and named the Triangle in 1964. Also the disappearance of five military airplanes and a rescue plane in 1945 focus the concentration into the Bermuda Triangle.

After the disappreance of Flight 19 in 1945 a lot of flights disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle. It is said that from as early as 1843 some ships disappeared within the Bermuda triangle and even on land in 1969, two people of the Lighthouse in Bimini suddenly disappeared and were never found. The mystery is said to be caused by the production of Methane Hydrate under the sea lets watch watch some videos on the stories of the Bermuda Triangle:-

Bermuda Triangle – Documentary – All stories and secrets

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The Bermuda Triangle – Case Study by Discovery

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