Think Before Using Cotton Swabs To Clean Your Ears

Talking about ear cleanliness, you should know what’s beneficial for you and what not. Ear seems to be weak and responsive part of our body. So, before you go to clean them be aware about what you are doing. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself badly. Because of your own carelessness, you can’t even hear sometimes or have wound in between your ear muscles. According to The Telegraph reports, about 7,000 people in England are victimized every year as they use cotton balls to clean their ears and many of them are wounded by shaving blades as well.

Cotton Swabs can be harmful for your ears

 Most of the people are uninformed about what to use while cleaning their ears. Doctors and other specialist are trying hard to aware them about the damage created by cotton swabs.


The only thing you should remember, don’t attach anything towards your ear cannals

If you try to do so, you will certainly harm your ear drums for sure. Usually, people choose their own technique to clean their ears, may be wax or anything else. They don’t even think twice before they use them. That’s how; they face problems like not listening properly and so on.


Earwax is nice, when used in proper amount.

 Be cautious while you put earwax or cerumen is generated by glands into your ears. When you used proper amount of wax on to ears, there is no problem at all. Instead, it works as a safe guard in clean-up and greasing your ear canals.



Before thinking about how to clean your ears think of when to clean it up.

Generally, ears clean-up themselves on their own by using wax all around the ear. With that, you will get to see the dust coming out from your ear hole. Some of you may never think of cleaning your ears but when it becomes difficult for you to sustain then, you go for it. Otherwise, you don’t take it seriously. But cleaning doesn’t mean, you should always go for cotton balls, you can find anything else right.


 Wax is generated only at the surface not in ear drums.

Sometimes, when you suffer from jams in your ear it’s only because you are using ear swabs to clean your ears. The more you push the swab, the more chances of damaging your ear. They are  not at all terrible but you should use them wisely, that’s it.


For cleaning your internal part, you can simply get numerous home remedies.

You can get salt and water easily at your home. You can use this mixture with the help of cotton balls. Just dab some drops of solution rub and then swill it out. Don’t forget to take hot water that’s suitable to your body temperature.



Some amount of baby oil, mineral oil or the oil particularly prepared for ear-hygiene can be good and useful for clean up within your ear channels. Before going with this treatment, check out whether the products used in the oil are safe for you or not.


Use of Detergent

In order to clear out the wax out of your ear canals, you can apply detergent like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. But, when these techniques are not sufficient then, definitely you are still going through wax blockage.


Irrigation Method

To irrigate your ear pores you can surely go for a doctor or bring a irrigation stuffs so that you can do it yourself. A salt mixture is very useful in order to get rid of such problems.

Go to a doctor

If you find out that the home medication are not operating well, then without wasting any time you can look for a doctor. He can examine you in a better way and will recommend you some medicine drops or will remove your wax buildup by using correct methods and techniques.


Don’t use ear candles

The ear candles can be very risky to use. The FDA has also initiated an assault opposed to ear candling as there is no proof that it is useful or not. With that, you can be badly effect your ears from burn, listening problems and other ear damages too.


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