Unknowingly Placed His Own Girlfriend on a Burning Stove!

When you first look at these scenes, you will feel as if the guy coming after so long from his military. They are having a get together and all of a sudden something goes really terrible. You can’t even think of what has happened.


The stunning woman seems really very excited to see her beau after so long. When she saw him, she flies in his arm, waved and showered kisses over him. The people around them viewed and took pleasure of all their passionate love. By the time, the military officer unknowingly puts his beautiful girlfriend over a burning stove. After which she starts yelling in a pain. Not only this, her back is totally burnt and her skirt was torn too.

What can be more hilarious than this, what’s say? But how’s your reaction, when you come to know that it was not what you saw. Instead was something different than you all are thinking.

Yes, guys it was just a prank nothing else. To know what really happened watch this video once. Then, you will see what exactly had occurred.

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