What Makes Salman the Hottest Bollywood Star

Salman Khan

Calling Salman a heartthrob will be an understatement. He is riding higher on his screen persona that is colossal and astonishingly debonair. Let us debate over few reasons that make Salman the hottest Bollywood actor.

Looks and Persona

Needless to say, Salman has a fatal combination of innocence face and a macho physique. This makes him extraordinarily handsome and endearing. His chiseled body, naive eyes have made him a cherished heart throb. His simplicity shines through his persona that makes him identifiable with common man who fantasize being like him. Salman has experimented with his looks in many movies, giving even more reasons to become part of his viewers’ fantasy.

Back-to-Back Blockbusters

Salman has edified his capacity to rule the box office consistently. Falling in the league of established actors, he has an impressive string of successful movies like Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Tere Naam, Bandhan, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Jab Pyaar kissi se hota hai etc. This style icon of Bollywood has been witnessing steady success with millions of his fans, from all age groups, revering him like a style god.

A Trendsetter

Salman becomes a trendsetter effortlessly. His fans and admirers have been following his stylish mannerisms, dressing style, dialogues and their delivery. His every move, trend and style is followed closely. Be they his cool hairstyle, bare torso, tattered jeans, youngsters emulate him religiously. His casual dance moves are also revered like an authenticated dance style. The success chart of Salman is seen an upward trend, though slower sometimes, with Salman redefining himself again and again persistently with his sheer talent and hard work.

The Crowd Puller

Salman is indeed a crowd puller with his own capability. Movies carrying Salman’s name need no external credibility for they assure of great entertainment. He attracts masses and generates a positive buzz with every movie. The opening weeks of Salman’s movie see a phenomenal success with advanced bookings in almost every theatre, metros or tiered cities.

Controversial yet Popular

The popularity of Salman has never been affected by controversies surrounding him. Somehow, Salman’s humane attitude, down-to-earth image has made him lovable by his fans despite some negative news rife about him. There have been plenty of discord and strife in his life, yet he is superstar and a favorite of masses. Salman’s irresistible charm has a unique magic that captivates all.

One strong reason behind Salman’s popularity is his philanthropic nature that makes him closer to people. He has been helping underprivileged by the dint of his charitable venture ‘Being Human’. People identify with his soft heart and find him closer to their lives. This ultimately precipitates in the form of a loyal fan base that remains with their cult star during his good as well as bad times.

A heartfelt Actor

Salman talks straight from his heart and never puts up a charade. His acting as well as behavior is believable and is full of frankness and candor. He remains unruffled with his super success and throws no airs about himself.

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