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Yahoo Site Explorer Closed
Yahoo Site Explorer; Are you familiar with this ?

Yes this is a silly question to the webmaster and bloggers who had been using it for spying and checking back-links. Yes, this was one of the Free tool used by most of the webmasters to find out the Back-links of a website as well as inbound links of a website indexed by Yahoo. It was shut down by Yahoo in 21st November 2011 which is missed by lot of users of Yahoo Site Explorer.
So what Next ?
You want spy on your competitors website to find their back-links and win them but you are looking for FREE Tool, Yes Yahoo site explorer is no more helping you this time so what can be the alternatives of Yahoo site explorer ??? A lot of you may be curious to get the soft and sweet answer of this question, also may be some of you know some of the Yahoo site explorer alternatives that you are using for checking backlinks of your websites. So guys today i will try to include most of the Websites that help you check backlinks of any websites for FREE, yes some of them may say you to register for Full access or also some of them may ask you to get Premium account but don’t worry i will mention about these things so you can straightly ignore or get on them. Lets get started —> –  This website helps yo to find backinks, check pagerank, check DOfollow or NOfollow links, PR of backlink page with  outbound links of the page from where the website is linked to. Much more better then yahoo site explorer and one of the best alternative. The best part is you can see the most of the backlink exist no restriction as in Yahoo site explorer.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer : Open Site Explorer just like the name have various options and handy FREE tool for finding Backlinks. It has option to Register but you can also use the tool without any obstacle for FREE. It is also easy and good Backlink Cheacker – Good Yahoo site explorer alternative.

Backlink WatchBacklink Watch :  Yes Backlink Watch is absolutely FREE Backlink Checker Tool and quite similar to Yahoo site explorer, it shows the backlink pages with Outbound links, anchor text  and PR of the site. The only annoying is it displays Ads on clicking enter after entering domain name that you may get confuse if you are using it for first time.

Exalead Exalead – Search : When i arrived on this site i thought this is a search engine; Yes it is but it gives you result of the sites that are linked with the domain you enter  in the Search Box. Really cool give a try to this …

SEOattackSEOattack : This website is also good but the main annoying thing is it asks to Register for Free for watching all details. Otherwise this is also one of the good alternative of yahoo site explorer in finding backlinks.

Other sites that requires to Register either FREE or Paid :-

If you guys know more sites then don’t forget leave in comment section Below 🙂

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