Zombie in a Metro…What a Scary Prank!

Sometimes prank seems to be really very dangerous. As, they come to you as something you can’t take slightly like this one. A Brazilian programmer planned  a prank that shattered everybody out there. It offered a great illustration to America and captured a hilarious view in the history of doing pranks. This one will make you feel stunned even after crossing some moments of watching the video.


Few innocent girls travelling in the metro as the every second day were the victims who felt the scary nightmare as they were going through their respective places. With the passing of metro, light starts dimming and doors are locked at the same time no one is there to answer. What can be more dreadful than this? When the subway stops at the station, you will see much more horrible things than this. So, be prepared.

Have a look at this video, you will get frightened and can’t even get up from where you are sitting right now. The zombies creating unusual visuals will terrify you. Looking at the scenes, you can feel that threat. Thus, you can have a glimpse over the video and know how terribly this video worked. You can’t even imagine these zombies are created.

Always watching funny videos is not a good idea. It’s better to try something new. So, take a chance opting with this scary video and share it with your friends too.


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